Sunday, July 10, 2011

the unspoken word

If you're asking how much is my price then I would answer that my price is less than a dollar, Many pages in front of my life but it didn't make me immortal for being someone who wrote all the journey in the certain page. a dollar of my price is not a value of me but instead more about a book cover which everyone judging about it.

Everyday is nothing but stress for me, any lesson and all taste about life, reality and chase the dream fill me out of memory realize I'm just a thing. and lost control of my self, lying down above the book I wrote without moving. I didn't have hands or legs to moved. 

Being discredit or an outsider of my kind, faraway and lonely inside the pocket or unspoken drawer of old table. Many important document I wrote and signed I filled with full ink which every drop is very valuable, I never cried before even I'm loosing my soul and been dump away from my life. I never complained although everybody watch me down so low. I realize if all in this world has own function and it's me now watching dark trash after all I've done.

A long the way I'd stand doing many thing, held by the right hand or held by left hand wrote a love letter or wrote a tread and it's all about the connection between one people and others, a man love a woman. giving a flower and a letter in it to impress the girl and also for business thing I've wrote a contract of business relationship. The morning story, The night story, expression of an artist and it's all about black above the white.

Even today is the ages of digital they still need me to write a sign or just to sketch something, and I'll proud of it. writing a journey, a diary, a heart feeling of a man or a woman. That's make me valuable and priceless, I'm become a symbol of sword and unspoken word.

I won't fight the computer or a cell phone who made me useless in a certain condition, I won't race with the technology which tread on me a long my journey. I'm a superior in different ways and that's the way I am. silent word or any courage of something unspoken.

It became it self which a word couldn't have a voice to talk and do nothing, it become a system which controlling our brain as a rule to follow or to break it. and the boundaries was me inside the note. Silent scene of a letter of my journey.

I'm falling around breaking my self off and replaced a broken heart and hold my own for the next courage then I'll be speak as my letter did after I'm lying down, refill my ink and stay strong doing everything. I didn't know my name and where I go. All the detail was static inside of me for tomorrow manufacturing. 

and everything will be just fine.................. 

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