Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Love Coffee

Love is like a cup of coffee, it doesn't have shape or real form even we could see a cup of coffee with own eyes but it not the exact form of it. Love sometimes can be bitter like a coffee without sugar [in this case I mentioned coffee as a coffee without sugar "the real coffee powder mixed in a cup and pour by hot water]. Love also can be sweet as sugar but I'm not discussing about the sweetness. We better talk the bitterness so we will find out what is the true mean of bitterness [in my version off course].

Coffee is a bitter drink as we know but we're also amaze why everybody loves coffee? or why a coffee can has a big price? and become one of mostly human needed. It is the base of this philosophy and finally I found out why after interpret the coffee it self time after time. so let's find out.

As we know or we have been skipped this stage that when we first took a coffee, what is your impression? "BITTER", right? why? because it true of coffee taste but why everybody loves it?. Let see...
If you took a coffee yesterday and stopped today then I'll say you'll never find out the answer, so took more coffee today, tomorrow and doing repeatedly until finish your week days. after that you tell me what is the taste?
Still bitter right? but the more we tasted those bitterness the more we find out what is the taste, I have conclusion to say that "the more we taste the bitterness of coffee then the more you understand what is the mean of bitterness in correlation of life". why? [I found out why so many "why" in my wrote??????]. 
For some people life is not so easy and simple to run, some people become desperate and even some people decided to kill them self because they not stand with all the burden of his life. STUPIDITY!!!

When we decided to lived in this world it is not our decision, but God decision which we called FATE and what is the mean of a fate really are? Fate is God plan which given to us, did you realize that actually in our life we always got the best thing, even sometimes we mentioned that we're in a wrong decision but in fact after we took those decision, we're still a live and also got something that we never predict it. Yes... sometimes we got heartache or being tread by others but after that if we got the same treatment we will be able to face it because we already pass that process and understand how to deal with it. RIGHT??
Then, For some people Coffee also categorized as a toxic, they were shouted as anti-coffee and will not drink a coffee even in a drop, is it wrong? not it isn't. It's their choice but well I'll tell you about coffee. This is a quotes which I got from wikipedia about coffee benefit for our health, also visit coffeescience for more benefit of coffee :

The health effects of coffee have been studied to determine how coffee drinking affects humans. Coffee contains several compounds which are known to affect human body chemistry. The coffee bean itself contains chemicals which are mild psychotropics for humans as a defense mechanism of the Coffea plant. These chemicals are toxic in large doses, or even in their normal amount when consumed by many creatures which may otherwise have threatened the beans in the wild. Coffee contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant.

Recent research has uncovered additional stimulating effects of coffee which are not related to its caffeine content. Coffee contains an as yet unknown chemical agent which stimulates the production of cortisone and adrenaline, two stimulating hormones.

Amaze right, but like a Love, coffee also has a side effect. If we're loving too much then it will us [like a song by Queen : Too much love will kill you]. The meaning is if we're loving somebody then love rightly with own portion. Don't loving too much, otherwise when you're loving too much, if someone that you loved is gone you'll cry for it. RIGHT?? so I will say
So, what is the connection between love and coffee? to explain this condition I have took a side effect of a coffee if we're excess on it. this quotes I took from ezinearticles :

However, coffee consumption does come with risks. There is some evidence to suggest that sperm swims faster in fluids that contain coffee and therefore coffee consumption could be related to the reduction of fertility. Higher levels of homocysteine have been associated with increased coffee drinking. These heightened levels are shown to be associated with coronary heart disease. Further to this, coffee does contain cafestol, which has been shown to raise levels of cholesterol, although this is mainly associated with boiling coffee grounds in water. Typical drip coffee makers and percolators remove this ingredient through filters.
It has been said that women who drink coffee will lose some calcium. This could result in bone density problems. It has also been proven that women who drink over four cups of coffee a day have a higher risk of developing urinary incontinence. However, there is some agreement that coffee on a mild to moderate consumption, the benefits outweigh the risks. The risks and the benefits are incomparable.

So, what should we do now? I think everyone will agree if we should take as it portion, for loving, for doing anything and also for drinking coffee, so how much we should take a coffee per-day? As result and many exploration for finding the maximum dose coffee per day is 2 -3 cups (or fewer) and do not over indulge.
The next question is, How much the dose for loving somebody?? hmmm.... well ask your self! don't ask me!! 
So The conclusion is Coffee or love are not a judgement of some taste, bitter or sweet but it a matter of life process, sometimes we met sorrow, pain and bitter life but also we never complaining because it also balanced with the sweet of happiness. 


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